Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hey, It's ME!

I had the most unusual circumstance happen to me yesterday. I was doing my regular shopping, minding my own business, when a woman approached me in the aisle and simply said my full name. Not my name for the majority of my life, but my maiden name, something I haven't heard uttered aloud for more than a few decades, cough.  I was so confused, it was like someone hunted me down while on witness protection. Who would call me that?  Who would even know that name?  I believe I responded with, "Oh my God!" 

She could obviously see my confusion and said who she was. She was a neighborhood friend I had from elementary school --- preteen years! I would never have been able to recognize her, although I have thought of her, and wondered what became of her, as you do with people with whom you were friendly. 

It is still amazing to me.  This has happened to me quite regularly in the past few years, people approach me, remembering me from the distant past.  Never this far back. 

I must have a certain face. Strangers talk to me all the time when I'm out. Some think I am someone they know, offering up an incorrect name. Maybe I have multiple doppelgangers? I'm thinking it might be time to move from this city?  This is getting to the point where it is becoming creepy.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Weekend Funny - Open Blog

Apologies if this is a repeat. 
Society still trying to resolve their issues.
Cartoon is clever, no matter what.