Friday, November 17, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

Probably our last Groundhog sighting in SC

We were at the library here in Walhalla the other day when we sighted this little chubby rascal. The one we had on our property disappeared several months ago (and vultures appeared...sniff, sniff). We put up game cams, but so far all we see is deer...many, many deer. One eight point buck. We used to have wild pig, but I guess the poachers got those. Just as well, they can be mean. Here's a picture of our latest deer convention!
We are off to Florida on Thursday for the winter. Getting pretty dank here for me. You may or may not see me on here for a few days. Much to do to get this place ready for our departure. Having two complete homes is not all fun and games, trust me. See you in the Club House once I get settled down there! In case it's later rather than sooner, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Veteran's Day, 2017

Honoring all who served, those who currently serve, the medical and support staff, 
and all the families of those who
 sacrifice to keep us safe and protected.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Happy Thursday

The Frog Queen reigns here in our woods. We find various items and place them along our hiking trails here in SC. Anything to give someone a smile. Have a great day!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

That last rose of summer

Dan picks me a rose regularly. Looks like this is it for the SC roses. No frost yet, but, our roses are no longer budding. Soon, we pack up the car and head home. Funny, every place we have is home. I’ve been gone from WI for nearly 20 years. While I have friends and family there, it no longer seems like home to me. Things change in your life and you find a new norm for living. I have so many friends in Florida. When we get back, I will hit the ground running. We have a group coming for Thanksgiving, lunches set up, and Christmas to get ready for.... where does the time go?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Our hawk came a calling. We are seeing more and more birds at our feeder.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Time doesn’t stand still

Believe it or not, it was ten years ago today that my husband died. Ten years....hard to imagine. And, while my life has moved on, his memory is never far away. I no longer experience a heart stopping pain when I think of him, but the hurt is still there. People react differently to losses such as this. I worked very hard to not be the bereft widow looking for sympathy. My mother In Law had that job sewn up. Boy, did she. I got involved in the community and got out of the house. I tried to meet people outside of our circle of friends. But, I had no intention of getting into another relationship. So much for that plan. My life is good. Today, I will spend some time remembering my sweet husband.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Gardening 101

Dan’s niece pulled this carrot up out of her vegetable garden yesterday. Ummmmm. Wonder what kind of fertilizer she’s using out there in Washington State?

Monday, October 16, 2017