Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Weekday Funny - Amazon Echo Silver

This is hilarious. Posting in case you missed it. I NEED one of these! hahahahaha

Monday, August 14, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Open Blog - Friday

Racine, Wisconsin
Looks beautiful from above. If you look closely, you can see the lighthouse in Windpoint. I also see Gateway Technical School, Festival Hall, Racine Library, Coast Guard, North Beach. What do you see?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summer Vacation Time is Dwindling

Had to squeak in a trip before it is time to head back to the daily grind of work.  I just returned from my annual trek to the Mississippi River.  I'm much more appreciative of nature than man-made, tourist trap attractions.  There are two parks I've found that are worth the trip to see and explore.  The terrain becomes so different as you travel west and north from the flat land near Lake Michigan. I am always in awe of the huge views, the beauty of row-upon-row of corn, and the significant rise and fall in altitude.  I also tried to hit my favorite Wisconsin cheese shops along the way for fresh curds, but the summer road construction was severe and made that impossible. I'll have to settle for some prepackaged less-squeaky supermarket variety.
Eagle Point Park, Dubuque, Iowa
A huge, well maintained park with Frank Lloyd Wright style buildings. Lots of stonework throughout the park as part of the CCC public works program. The park has high altitude walkways along a bluff and spectacular views of the Mississippi.  You can watch barges go through the lock and dam far below the cliff. Tri-state view: Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois, and the convergence point of the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi River.  
Stonework and Koi pond

Pike's Peak Park, McGregor, Iowa
One of many lookout points on an accessible wooden walkway in another tremendous park. You can see tons of hummingbirds, other wildlife, flora, fauna... it is gorgeous. There is a small waterfall if you are up for a hike with a climb. I counted the stairs: there were 194 down to the waterfall; and then, another 194 back up. My calf muscles are still achy, but it is well worth it for the surrounding quiet and the sound of the water cascading the hill! The sun is blocked by the foliage and the smell of the surrounding forest is amazing. 

Bridal Veil Falls

Not a great deal of water, but still fabulous in the height it travels and the exclusivity of the viewing. I must give credit to the original photographers, as pictures are shared from the internet. I stopped bringing a camera; it is better to just drink in the moment.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Happy Birthday, MinnesotaChick

Someone is having a virtual birthday party.... And you're invited!

Happy Birthday, MinnesotaChick!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Norrköping a sister city of Racine?

I was very recently reminded of the wonderful site, thanks KK!

I spent the day with the family in a Swedish city called Norrköping with a population of 93,000. At its lowest it had 82,000 people year 2000. It is a city that reminds me very much of Racine. A former giant of industry especially textile industry. Industry started to decline during the 60s and 70 and during the 90s it was considered a horrible place, empty industry buildings everywhere, no jobs, no hope for development anymore. As I read at the museum of work that we went to there they worked very hard to rebrand the city. They worked together with a close by city and took one of its old industrial buildings and expanded the university from that close by city which drew the youth there and with that a future generation that would call the city home.

Educated youth started to set down roots and starting new businesses. Old industrial buildings are now being turned into condos and office spaces. A very alive "centrum" aka downtown with several malls that are completely full of shops, restaurants and cafes everywhere. The history of this city is so alive even though the stores are modern through the old industrial architecture and old bolts and holes in the walls of these old buildings.

I believe Racine could learn a lot from this town that was on the brink of being abandoned due to lack of hope and future. Give the youth a good education  and hope for a better future, give people the opportunity to better themselves (yes I'm talking about free education and healthcare) and they will rebuild your city. I know the subject is a lot more complicated than what I'm making it sound like, but it's hard not to be inspired by the transformation of this beautiful city. I took a few pictures, I probably should have taken more but I wanted to show how similar it looks to Racine. That the old can be made new.

Open Blog - Wednesday

Friday, July 28, 2017

Open Blog - Friday

Just spent the last week back to school, running a program to help incoming high school students familiarize themselves with the growing-up process of accountability and expectations of higher learning: Ice breakers, meeting new friends, what to expect, games, serious conversations about credits and G.P.A, selecting academic pathways, trying new sports and clubs, you name it, we did it. I'm exhausted, my feet have blisters and I might unwittingly be the next ping-pong coach. I never should have divulged that hidden skill..... hahahahaha

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hey, It's ME!

I had the most unusual circumstance happen to me yesterday. I was doing my regular shopping, minding my own business, when a woman approached me in the aisle and simply said my full name. Not my name for the majority of my life, but my maiden name, something I haven't heard uttered aloud for more than a few decades, cough.  I was so confused, it was like someone hunted me down while on witness protection. Who would call me that?  Who would even know that name?  I believe I responded with, "Oh my God!" 

She could obviously see my confusion and said who she was. She was a neighborhood friend I had from elementary school --- preteen years! I would never have been able to recognize her, although I have thought of her, and wondered what became of her, as you do with people with whom you were friendly. 

It is still amazing to me.  This has happened to me quite regularly in the past few years, people approach me, remembering me from the distant past.  Never this far back. 

I must have a certain face. Strangers talk to me all the time when I'm out. Some think I am someone they know, offering up an incorrect name. Maybe I have multiple doppelgangers? I'm thinking it might be time to move from this city?  This is getting to the point where it is becoming creepy.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Weekend Funny - Open Blog

Apologies if this is a repeat. 
Society still trying to resolve their issues.
Cartoon is clever, no matter what.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday - Open Blog

Not too much sleep the past couple of nights. It has been rather noisy.  One after another, it just keeps rolling through. Hope the basement doesn't take on too much water.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Open Blog - Weekend

Getting the honor and joy of an overnight visit. 
Hint: if you don't wear lipstick, there is no evidence!