Saturday, July 1, 2017

Academies of Racine at Park High Donate a Tiny House to Veterans

We often hear of the horrors of what takes place in schools. There are many good things that never make the news. This is certainly one of them. These kids are making business connections and learning skills that they will be able to take to the marketplace, or to use personally for the rest of their lives. They are also learning compassion and the benefits of giving to their community.

Over the past decade, teachers have gotten a terrible reputation of being greedy, union thugs, pushed forward by those who want to under-compensate them for their skills and gifts, simply to meet their idea of prioritizing and budget management. This pushed idea to the public is very far from the truth. My inside perspective has proven that most get up every day, do a difficult job, and give and give to make our communities better places to live.


  1. " Hail to thee Park High, Hail thy Orange and Blue "

  2. Thy light shall guide us, our beacon bright and true.... (I think)

    1. we will serve thee alway's, this our pledge shall be. Park High, Forever, Hail, Hail, Hail to thee.

  3. " Thy Guiding Beacon. Loyal, Kind, and True. Faith, hope joy, our Orange and Blue ". That was the Alma Mater.

  4. We had to learn them being In the BIG choir. And WE were good, actually not just good, but GREAT. We had the LAST great teacher In Mr. Saetviet. (sp) I think he used to sneak Into the Janitors closet for a Nip, and Smoke from time to time.

  5. My mom attended Horlick High School. She knew "alternate" lyrics to the Park song. They were a little off-color. She would razz us kids by singing them to us. She was one of a kind, for sure.