Sunday, July 23, 2017

SC Johnson donates aquatic center to Racine County

In case you missed the news.....


  1. Within easy walking distance. Not sure how I feel about this and the potential impact on noise, traffic and property values. There are worse things they could have planned for this open stretch of land. Some recent suggestions were a sports arena/complex or a dedicated teen center. Wasn't happy about either of those two ideas.

  2. That would have been nice when we were growing up. The one thing I remember about Pritchard is there was a cop killed there, I think.

  3. It sure would have been nice to have that here back in the day. I took the train and stayed with my grandma in Green Bay every summer. They had/have several fantastic outdoor pools that were super reasonable and well supervised. We'd go at least once a week while staying with her. It gave her a break and we loved it!